Aaron Slater's Big Project Book for Astonishing Artists; Andrea Beatty, David Roberts

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Aaron Slater’s Big Project Book for Astonishing Artists is an inspiring, hands-on book about art, creativity, and how we see the world—featuring the newest Questioneer—from New York Times bestselling creators Andrea Beaty and David Roberts.

Make art of all sorts in this project book from the team behind the bestselling Questioneers series. Aaron Slater shows readers how art is everywhere in our world—from the famous paintings and photographs that we know so well to places you may not think as much about, like on stamps or coins—and encourages them to make art of their own based on what they see.

More than 40 activities will help to spark creativity, encourage curiosity, and show some of the traits most important to being an being observant, being persistent, and being flexible. From coloring pages to drawing prompts to instructions on how to make your very own puppet show and so much more, this project book encourages and uplifts the youngest artists and creators of tomorrow.

Become an astonishing artist, like Aaron

“This volume covers a lot with fewer than 100 art history, art method, art instruction, and artmaking, all while presenting an inclusive and diverse story of art and artists across time. It’s great!” — School Library Journal
October 25, 2022

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