How Come? Every Science Question Explained; Kathy Wollard

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Goose bumps and the Cheerios effect. Why we don't fall off the spinning earth, and how fireflies glow. And the reason the sky is blue. Fact-filled, fun-filled, whimsically illustrated throughout, How Come? explains the enduring mysteries of the world around us through over 175 questions and answers. It answers questions about tricks of light and sound, like X-rays and the whistling wind. About unseen forces--what makes popcorn pop and water dance across a hot frying pan. About the great beyond--why Mars is red and Saturn has rings. And about everyday conundrums, like why cats purr and stomachs growl, how snakes move without hands or feet, why yawns are contagious, and why your tongue sticks to freezing cold metal.

January 12, 1993

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