We, FREEAIR books, are an independent online bookstore dedicated to promoting inclusivity and elevating literacy rates. As a Minority/Women owned business located in Columbia, Missouri, we strive to create a community-centered environment.

Our mission is to provide a carefully curated collection of new and used books that amplify diverse voices and experiences, inspiring individuals to engage in social change. We actively seek out authors and artists who offer unique perspectives, ensuring our offerings reflect a wide range of backgrounds and stories.

Collaboration is at the core of our approach. We eagerly partner with both higher learning institutions and organizations focused on reform, working together to develop programs that foster literacy and support emerging writers.

Recognizing the profound impact of literary expression, we believe in the transformative power of books in promoting positive mental health. We aim to create a therapeutic outlet where individuals can explore, heal, and find solace through the written word.

At FREEAIR books, our commitment lies in fostering inclusivity, promoting literacy, and empowering individuals to embrace the power of literature for personal growth and societal change.