Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power tomCreate, Connect, and Inspire; Bruce Nussbaum

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n Creative Intelligence, innovation expert Bruce Nussbaum charts the making of a new literacy, Creative Intelligence, or CQ. From corporate CEOs trying to parse the confusing matrix of global business to K-12 teachers attempting to reach bored kids in increasingly wired classrooms, creativity is viewed as the antidote to uncertainty and complexity. Creative Intelligence embodies a bundle of specific literacies that increase our ability to navigate the unknown. It’s a skill-set that explorers have tacitly used for eons but which, only now, is explicitly revealing its secrets to us.

Nussbaum explores how people and organizations are learning to be more creative in work and in life, and investigates the ways in which individuals, corporations, and nations are boosting their CQ—and how that translates into their abilities to make new products and solve new problems. Creative Intelligence shows readers how to frame problems in new ways and devise solutions that are original by drawing insight from anthropology and culture rather than psychology and the brain. Smart and eye opening, it introduces us to the next evolutionary step and our future. Ultimately, Creative Intelligence will show readers how to boost their creative capacity, build creative confidence, and connect creativity with capitalism in a new form--Indie Capitalism--that could, and should, replace Finance Capitalism.

December 4, 2012


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