Save the Animals; Deborah Chancellor, Diane Ewen

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Leo is sad that trees were cut down in nearby woods to make way for new houses. He has lost his special place to play, but more importantly, many animals have lost their homes. Follow his story and find out about the loss of animal habitats, the problem of climate change, and the small steps we can take to protect the planet and its wildlife.

January 15, 2020


About the Author

Deborah Chancellor is a writer of fiction and non-fiction books for children. To date she has written nearly 100 books and worked with many leading publishers. Deborah is a versatile author who has written biographies for teenagers, adapted Bible stories for pre-school children, and teenage fiction for older children with reading difficulties. She is a prolific writer of children's non-fiction on a wide range of subjects.

She has been translated into many languages and is sold all over the world. Her books have been shortlisted for awards, such as the Little Rebels Award (Harriet Tubman, 2014) and Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (Being a Vegetarian, 2010).

Deborah is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, and was RFL Fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge University, from 2009-2012. She appears at Literary Festivals and runs writing workshops for young people.

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