The Chaneysville Incident; David Bradley

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The legends say something happened in Chaneysville. The Chaneysville Incident is the powerful story of one man's obsession with discovering what that something was a quest that takes the brilliant and bitter young Black historian John Washington back through the secrets and buried evil of his heritage.

Returning home to care for and then bury his father's closest friend and his own guardian, Old Jack Crawley, John comes upon the scant records of his family's proud and tragic history, which he drives himself to reconstruct and accept. This is the story of John's relationship with his family, the town, and the woman he loves; and also between the past and the present, between oppression and guilt, hate and violence, love and acceptance.

January 1, 1981


About the Author

American author (b. 1950) and professor of creative writing who wrote South Street (1975) and The Chaneysville Incident (1981)

Full name is David H. Bradley, Jr.

Do not confuse with the other authors of the same name.

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