The Puppy War; Allen Zadoff

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Wild -- an unusually intelligent dog -- must stop adorably cute, but dangerous, puppies from being released to the greater Los Angeles area with the help of her friends.

Wild has been on the run -- jumping from one family to the next -- ever since she left Chance almost a year ago. But when a mysterious canine corporation, C.A.T., abducts her and threatens to hurt Chance, she will stop at nothing to escape and find her old friend.

Together again, Wild and Chance must enlist the help of Junebug to hack into C.A.T.'s computer to discover what they really want. But along the way, the group is reunited with an old friend and introduced to the Puppio puppies -- love-at-first-sight cute, with massive eyes, who smell like apple pie. Even though they may look cute on the outside, Wild is convinced everything isn't as it seems.

When she finds out a shocking discovery about her past, Wild must decide who is more important to protect -- her past, her best friend, or the greater Los Angeles area who are in incredible Puppio danger.

May 18, 2021


About the Author

Allen Zadoff is the author of nine novels and a memoir, including the thriller series “The Unknown Assassin”, which debuted to starred reviews and was a YALSA Top Ten Pick for Reluctant Readers. The series has been translated into over a dozen languages and is being developed by Sony Pictures. A former stage director, Zadoff is a graduate of Cornell University, the Harvard University Institute for Advanced Theater Training, and the Warner Bros. Writers Workshop. As an experienced technologist, he has embraced the intersection of AI and the creative process, becoming an expert in using AI tools to enhance storytelling. His latest book, "The AI Revolution for Writers," explores the potential of AI in writing and offers practical guidance for writers and creatives. Visit Allen at

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