You Sound Like a White Girl: The Case for Rejecting Assimilation; Julissa Arce

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Nationally bestselling author Julissa Arce beautifully interweaves her own experiences with cultural commentary to dispell the myth that assimilation leads to happiness and belonging for immigrants in America, and instead calls for a celebration of our uniqueness, our origins, our heritage, and the beauty of the differences that actually make us Americans.

Arce, who came to live in Texas from Mexico at age 11, shares the story of her assimilation to America, learning English, losing her culture, making money while undocumented and working on Wall Street, and the inevitable scars that came from pursuing an ever-moving goal post. She interweaves current political events and Latinx history into personal stories, covering topics including racism, cultural identity, money, friendships, and love. Arce's goals are two-fold: by sharing her experiences she wants to encourage other people of color to recognize who they are is more than enough to be American, and she believes more visibility and representation of the Latinx experience will force people to recognize Hispanics as the Americans they are, rather than outsiders.

Rejecting Assimilation will address the issue of trying to be American without losing culture, and explore the positive effects and importance of recognizing yourself in the culture that surrounds you.

March 22, 2022

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