Among Muslims: Meetings at the Frontiers of Pakistan; Kathleen Jamie

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Among Muslims is the account of Kathleen Jamie's time travelling alone and living among the Shia and Ismaeli Muslims in the Northern Areas - the part of the former state of Kashmir now administered by Pakistan and one of the most volatile borderlands in the world. Yet there was much that seemed oddly familiar: staying with women in Purdah reminded Jamie of her own family past; the intense religious ceremonies brought back memories of Orangemen marching through Glasgow. This is a superbly written, entertaining and important book: a narrative of people and local life, that crosses Western and Islamic cultures. Originally published as The Golden Peak, Jamie returned to Pakistan to write an Afterword and Preface for this new edition.

January 1, 1992


About the Author

Kathleen Jamie is a poet, essayist and travel writer, one of a remarkable clutch of Scottish writers picked out in 1994 as the ‘new generation poets’ – it was a marketing ploy at the time but turns out to have been a very prescient selection. She became Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Stirling in 2011.

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