Priscilla Gorilla; Barbara Bottner, Michael Embderley

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Priscilla madly, passionately loves loves LOVES gorillas. There are many reasons why, as Priscilla will happily tell you. But the best reason?

They always get their way!

So when Mr. Todd tells all his students to dress up like their favorite animal, Priscilla's choice is obvious. But dancing around and beating her chest when it's not her turn sends Priscilla straight to the Thinking Corner. As her attitude spreads, soon the whole Thinking Corner is full of her classmates!

Is Priscilla really channeling her inner gorilla, or is she just a troublemaker in ape's clothing?

March 17, 2017
About the Author
Barbara Bottner, New York Times best-selling author, is a screenwriter, TV writer, and writing coach, who began her multi-hyphenate career as an artist and actor. Designing off-Broadway sets in the ’60s led her to performance and following her career in theatre, she began writing and illustrating books for children. In total, she has written over 40 books in all areas of children’s literature including Young Adult, Middle Grade, chapter, and "I Can Reads". Several of her award-winning picture books have been animated and translated into multiple languages.

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