West African Folktales; Jake Jackson

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Tricksters and animals play an important role in West African folklore with stories that entertain but serve a moral purpose. Traditions and local tales revel in the antics of these from Nigeria to Benin, from the cunning spider god Anansi to the equally crafty Tortoise, animals teach humans to farm, to love, to survive and thrive, and offer inspiration for moral purpose. This collection gathers these vital animal stories alongside tales of origin, life, death and human folly.

October 12, 2021


About the Author

SF and dark fantasy author but also a writer/creator of practical music books - Beginner's Guide to Reading Music, Guitar Chords, Piano Chords, Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary and How to Play Guitar. Other publications include Advanced Guitar Chords, Advanced Piano Chords, Chords for Kids, How to Play the Electric Guitar, Piano & Keyboard Chords, Scales and Modes and Play Flamenco. 

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